Backlinks How To Get 560-1020 backlinks a day

I’m kinda ticked off after reading another super crappy backlinks related WSO on how to get 1000 backlinks a day so I wrote what I guess could be called … my anti-crappy-backlinks WSO rant/rave/share
  • This is stuff I actually use.
  • This is stuff that many other advanced SEO users I know use DAILY, so it’s not some BS theory.
Backlinks from RSS aggregators
Then use the plugin referenced in this post on doing rss submissions to make individual feeds out of all your sites’ URLS and submit them to 20 aggregator sites, then do the same thing again by using RSS bot for another 20 aggregators, just make sure you include some aggregators that aren’t automatically submitted to in the list provided by the the RSS plugin software referenced above.

  • If you do for just 1 url = 40 backlinks a day,
  • Do this for 2 urls, = 80 backlinks a day, 40 backlinks a day/url
OK, now we’re at 80 backlinks a day for deep links to individual urls,
Backlinks from Twitter
Let’s get a Twitter Linkwheel going using Twitterfeed and your main site RSS feeds to get 1 link from Twitter /published post, which in my experience has led to 4-5 re-tweets per posts at minimum.
Using twitter linkwheels can get you 10 links a day from twitter for 2 newly published posts, which adds 20 more quality automated backlinks.

OK, so now we’re at 90 backlinks a day.
Social bookmarking backlinks- Get 20 a day
Let’s add in some social bookmarking using AutoSocial Poster, Bookmarking Demon, TheLinkjuicer etc… to get an average of 10 more backlinks per post/day (very conservative estimate here, ASP recommend 6 random posting, SBD can do a lot more, 3d party services even more!!).
Doing this for 2 urls adds 20 more backlinks a day for your sites, so now we’re at 110 backlinks a day (55 per individual url).
0 backlinks a day from Article Marketing and Syndication
Use article syndicators like Unique Article Wizard to get 50 links a day that stick (lotsa work though to write one article for every url, but UAW has the largest quality blog network and it takes time to see results from using them no matter how aggressive you are )
Using Article syndication could lead to another 50 backlinks a day, no problem just a lot of effort (2 hours a day, 1 hour for each article)
So now we’re at 160 backlinks a day, all from DIFFERENT SOURCES with different styles of links and link attributes (Dofollow, NoFollow, naked links, mixed anchor text etc…) and they will all have a high probability of stickiness.
Get 300-400 backlinks a day with Burst linking(not recommended really)
If you really want 1000 backlinks a day to individual urls, and I’m not sure you really want that, then you will need to get into some burst linking.
Burst linking means using resources like LFE, XRUMER, and some other Black HAT SEO tools but I’m not gonna send you down that road.  All I’m saying is you can get 300-400 more links a day using those tools mentioned above, plus auto-pligging and various other tools.
Burst links and burst linking will cause your site to go up and down in the SERPs and even cause it to disappear for days at a time, which is why the whole concept of getting 1000 backlinks a day is kind of ridiculous really (unless you are doing this consistently by adding new content and articles every day).  Burst linking, if used at all, should be used t overlay the steady stream of links you’re already getting to your sites on a consistent steady basis.
Sorry to be so vague there, but that’s an area you should not enter into lightly unless you understand and practice basic solid SEO first.  I will most likely never get into BlackHat SEO here on this blog because it will be a huge dis-service to many and it’s very easy to do really bad things for your SEO efforts using these types of tools.