5 Tips on How to Sexually Arouse a Woman

How to sexually arouse a woman can be a difficult task for many men to master. Women are unlike men, they need a building process to achieve their peak sexual satisfaction. It's not just about the physical contact and the moves between the sheets. It's also deals with spirituality and their mental connection to their partner. I want to share with you five tips, so you can learn how to sexually arouse a women.
  1. Warm Her Up - Try and connect with your woman mentally. Whatever she really likes whether it's massages or you reading her a erotic story, her senses need to heightened. You can try lightly touching her with a feather, or light kissing to start the night in bed.
  2. Soft kisses - Slowly warm her up by applying light kisses around her sensitive areas. Do not jump right in and start on the erogenous zones. Play around those areas first, once you feel your body loosen up, then you can start to work on the main areas that arouse her.
  3. Oral sex - You like it, so she probably likes it. If you woman loves oral sex, go ahead and work towards that area. But, don't just start doing it. Work around the area until you feel she is right. And don't just focus on that area, move around a bit until she is ready for complete oral sex.
  4. Invite a toy - Maybe she has not tried a toy, but do not be intimidated by various toys. Bring them to bed with you and see how she likes using them. Let her warm up with one, watch her so you can apply the same technique she uses.
  5. Talk to her - If you are having trouble and want to know how to sexually arouse a woman, then have some open dialogue with your partner. Simply ask her what she wants and how you can better satisfy her. The best relationships in bed involve communications. Let her tell you what to do and listen to what she has to say.
Hopefully these tips will help you make your woman happy in her bed. There is nothing better than a healthy sexual relationship, it decreases stress and brings both you and her closer together.
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